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A large choir occupies the center of the main nave. The perimeter walls still retain two small doors carved out of walnut. These walls are topped with a gothic battlement.

The choir was created between 1498 and 1504 by Rodrigo Alemán and his collaborators, and contains 72 misericords decorated with profane subjects, including animals playing musical instruments, scenes of daily life and fantastic animals.

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The choir has two organs, the smaller one, known as “realejo,” is situated in the north side. It was created in 1725 by Pedro Liborno Echevarría. The larger organ, placed at the opposite side at the end of 18th century, was designed by Manuel de Larra Churriguera around 1725.

In addition there is a retro choir created by Ramón Pascual Díez in 1787 which is constructed of stucco made to look like marble.

“Perdon’s door” or “Gloria’s door,” in the western façade of the Cathedral, is divided by a slender column in which a sculpture of the Virgin and Child function as a capital. Each side of the double door has six columns, some of them with historical depictions and others with plant designs. The archivolts are adorned with figures whereas the tympanum features the coronation of the Virgin. “Perdon’s façade” was built in the half of the 13th century.


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