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Of note in the western façade, which is original to the 13th century, is a frieze of seven small blind trilobated arches. The rest was constructed much later in the 18th century, including the great tower, created by Juan de Sagarbinaga and built up between 1764 and 1772.

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Inside the cathedral, the three naves, which were part of the first phase of construction, are separated by pillars. The ribbed vaults of the lateral naves were built in the 13th century, as was the central nave and transept, which are enlivened with sculptures on the capitals. Four of them, situated in the first section nearest the main apse of the nave, represent a king, a queen, a bishop and a mendicant. These figures are usually identified as King Fernando II and Queen Doña Urraca of Léon, the first Bishop of Ciudad Rodrigo and Saint Francis of Assisi.

The original main chapel, when on the point of falling down, was replaced by the present structure in the 16th century. The new design was created in 1540 by Rodrigo Gil de Hontañón. A notable altarpiece, painted between 1480 and 1488 by Fernando Gallego and his workshop, once stood behind the main altar. The twenty-six surviving panels of this altarpiece are presently preserved at the University of Arizona Museum of Art in Tucson, Arizona (USA).

A number of lateral chapels, the accesses to which are marked by pointed arches, house the burial sites of two of Ciudad Rodrigo’s main noble families. The chapel of the south side belonged to the Chaves family, and the chapel of the north side was the pantheon of the Pacheco family.



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