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Dedicated to Saint Mary the Virgin and declared a National Monument in 1889, the construction of this building, which faces east, was likely to have begun during the reign of King Fernando II (1157-1188) at the end of 12th century.

Following the construction of a late Romanesque structure, which survives in it the exterior perimeter of the cathedral, and in spite of the posteriors modifications (main chapel, Saint Virgin of Pilar’s Chapel, vestry and ante sacristy), the building consists of a Latin cross ground-plan with triapsel east end and a well developed transept with three naves. Three main façades give access to the church, complemented by a cloister to the north.

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The north façade, known as “Enlosado’s or Amayuelas’ door,” belongs to the first phase of the construction and is decorated with flowery and rhomboid representations. Towards the main chapel there is a blind arch in which the keystones are decorated with eleven human heads.

The main façade stands out for its overall asymmetry, and its exquisite rose window which stands underneath a conopial arch from the 14th century.

To the right of the façade is the wall of the cloister and the so-called “Esviaje’s door,” which was created in 1540 by García de la Puente and demonstrates his exceptional stone cutting.


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